Here are a few of the frequently asked questions that we receive regularly. Hopefully we can shed some light on some of your queries, or help by passing on some things we have learnt over our many years in the industry:

We are happy to inspect your manual transmission and provide a clutch replacement or diagnose an issue, but for all major manual gearbox needs we will refer you to a specialist. If you are noticing something unfamiliar about your manual gearbox, we recommend you visit us immediately to prevent any possibly serious damage. Some of the common issues we find are low or thick transmission fluid, burning smells from leaking or dirty (overheating) fluid, noisy worn bearings, oil puddles on the driveway or slow/unresponsive gear shifting. If you are noticing any of these issues, don’t hesitate to contact us and come down for a professional inspection.

Every circumstance is unique and reliant on the car and its condition, considering their various mechanical, electrical and hydraulic components that need to be evaluated. Therefore, there isn’t a “one price fits all” deal when it comes to transmissions. However, we are genuine and experienced professionals, and can gladly offer you a free quote upon inspection to nut out what exactly is wrong, and how we can help you.

Despite what you may have been informed about “lifetime” and “sealed” transmissions, all transmissions deal with a lot of wear and need regular servicing. Most “lifetime” transmission warranties only cover a few guaranteed years, and without proper care can result in some serious and costly issues. Your transmission components are subject to wear and residual ‘breakdown’, and rely on clean optimum transmission fluid to cool, protect and run smoothly. We recommend that all it takes is at least an annual transmission service and check-up, which is enough to stay on top of your transmission’s health. Protect your investment!

A minimum of annual check-up and servicing, periodic checking of the level and quality of your transmission oil, be prompt have have it checked if you are noticing ANYTHING strange, sluggish or unfamiliar, and ask for a ‘friction modifier’ if you are interested in further prevenative measures. The best way to avoid expensive overhauls is to keep your transmission healthy and working correctly, and an annual service is all it takes.

We’ll let you be the judge of that, but what we can recommend is that you consider if your car is in good overall roadworthy and mechanical condition? If this is the case, given the “chain reactions” that can occur through all the MANY components of your car, it seems safest to trust in the comfortability and your prior knowledge of your car, because you never know what hidden problems those “cheap deals” you might be browsing on Carsales might have in store. Even when considering almost new cars, the chances of non-serviced transmissions are even higher, and potentially more costly! So when considering the repair of your current car, don’t just rely on the market value or immediate costs to determine this, evaluate the future reliability and worth of your professionaly repaired and serviced vehicle.