BC Automatics Specialists Marion Automatic Transmissions Mechanics

At Nova Automatics, we're passionate about getting the right message across to our customers when it comes to automatic transmissions. Most people aren't aware that maintaining your transmission is vital, and can be one of the most cost effective steps towards your vehicle's longevity and reliability.


From $110, we can flush the transmission fluid and install a new filter. This can make a huge difference in your gear shifting, transmission overheating and greatly reduce the potential of serious damage. A little maintenance can go a long way!


Our workshop is fully equipped with current and necessary tools and equipment of the trade to complete our projects to the highest standard. We repair, recondition and rebuild automatic transmissions to get them back on the road and running safely and reliably. And for your peace of mind, all of our work is covered by a national 12 month (20,000km) warranty* and 3 months on repairs.




BC Automatics Specialists Marion Automatic Transmissions Mechanics

We also provide Transmission Cooler Fitting services. Transmission cooler installation and repair is a smart and cost effective way to ensure that your automatic transmission is not affected by overheating or excessive fluid loss. Transmission cooler line leaks are a very common issue and can be extremely detrimental to your transmission. The cooler lines are often susceptible to leaks due to loose fittings and engine vibration, and over time the metal clamps and tubing rub together and cause wear and tear.


So to save yourself from major overhaul costs and prevent any serious issues such as transmission overheating, heavy fluid leaks and even leaking of transmission fluid into raditator fluid, talk to the specialists at Nova Automatics and have your transmission professionally checked and serviced.